Approaching the Orwell: 16 July 2013

River Orwell, barge under full sail, 2013 Photo: David Walters
River Orwell, barge under full sail, 2013 Photo: David Walters

The Round Britain Challenge fleet is making its way towards the River Orwell and Ipswich for the weekend celebrations. ‘Witch’ and ‘Bonify’ are set to join ‘Windflower’ and ‘Cygnet of London’ as the next two boats to complete the Round Britain Challenge.

‘Witch’ reports she’s completed the Round Britain Challenge, reaching her home port today.

The first boat to reach Ipswich is ‘Syene’ who sailed up the Orwell and took this lovely photo.

‘Bonita’ sails in light winds from Grimsby and, at 1am, reports she ‘had almost too much excitement during a difficult entrance to Wells Harbour in the dark’. We await the full story in the next instalment of her blog.

‘Cine Mara’ explores the River Alde at Orford while ‘Capraia’ and ‘Windbreker’ are in Southwold.

We hear ‘Bonify’ has arrived in Lowestoft. She reports it’s been 100.8 nautical miles from Grimsby in 19 hours and 50 litres of diesel – cheaper than the train? We’re pleased to hear there’s no more diesel leaks and they’re stocking up on kippers and haddock for the celebration return to the East Coast at Wrabness, River Stour, to complete the Round Britain Challenge. Read the Classic Boat Magazine blog to find out about the challenge of their night passage as ‘Bonify’ returns to her home waters.

‘Toucando’ has made up the lost time undergoing repairs in Eyemouth, motor-sailing to Lowestoft, passing the North Norfolk coast between sunset and sunrise approaching Great Yarmouth with caution, hearing the radio reports of a fellow yachtsman running aground.

‘Annabel J’ is sailing south and reaches the English coast to anchors at Holy Island, Lindisfarne.

‘Snoopy’ is more than half-way round her counter-clockwise passage to the Solent party and reports she’s:

Awaiting the tide at Peel Isle of Man. Exact 777 miles done since I left Holland June 25th, 480 miles left to go to Cowes Isle of Wight! And than back home again. All in a cramped 18 footer. She’s doing well though.