On passage from the Solent: 6 July 2016

At the end of June, OGA members started to make ready for their departures to meet the French OGA at the Brest Festival, 2016. We bring the first update on what’s been happening to the boats departing from the Solent and South Coast, along with some ‘historic tales of sail’ from the areas they’ve been visiting.

Perros Guirec Photo: Marion Shirley
Perros Guirec Photo: Marion Shirley

‘East Breeze’ was the first OGA boat to set sail, leaving her home port on the Solent, single-handed, to arrive in Alderney on 24 June. After Guernsey the next day her log reports an ‘epic 58 miles over the ground (more than 70 through the water) beating to windward to reach the lovely Treguier River at midnight, 26 June’. On 2 July ‘East Breeze’ was in Perros Guirec before sailing via Roscoff to l’AberWrach on 5 July.

'Moon River' and 'Passager' in Alderney Photo: Barbara Runnalls
‘Moon River’ and ‘Passager’ in Alderney Photo: Barbara Runnalls

‘Moon River’ departs Haslar, making passage for Brest single-handed, on 29 June, joining ‘Passager’ in Alderney on 3 July and meeting up with other members of the OGA fleet on the River Treguir 5 July to sail on for Roscoff, arriving 6 July.

OGA t-shirt 'Brest or Bust' modelled by Mike on 'Harbinger' Photo: Ben Collins
OGA t-shirt ‘Brest or Bust’ modelled by Mike on ‘Harbinger’ Photo: Ben Collins

OGA co-ordinator, Ben, is sailing to Brest on ‘Carlotta’ and met other members of the fleet in Yarmouth, 2 July. Skipper of ‘Harbinger’ sports the fleet t-shirt ‘Brest or Bust’ as ‘Carlotta’ departs for Weymouth, a gentle eight-hour sail to westward. After a damp, foggy passage, where they miss ‘Witch’ in the mist, ‘Carlotta’ continues towards St Peter Port, 5 July.

’Yacht Bluebell’ arrived into Yarmouth Sunday 3 July, planning to make passage for Alderney on Tuesday 5 July. Sadly, Skipper Steve sent a message ‘suffered major water ingress eight miles off Swanage and will not make Brest. Have a good one guys.’

‘Mollie Oxford’ plans to depart Gosport 0200 Monday 4 July towards Cherbourg. Skipper Chris sends the message ‘Good sailing everyone wherever you be!’