Gathering on the Tyne: 5 July 2013

As the fleet assembles for the next ‘gathering’ in Newcastle this weekend, we bring another update on those sailing south while ‘Snoopy’ continues north to the Caledonian Canal and ‘Annabel J’ heads for Shetland. We also catch up with the two vessels ashore in Eyemouth, feeling the strain of the Round Britain Challenge.

‘Vlieter’ and ‘Morgaine’ enjoy sailing past the Isle of May, watching puffins on this National Nature Reserve with a fine Stevenson lighthouse, built in the early 19th, century for ships approaching the Firth of Forth. We hear that ‘Bonify’ has also enjoyed a good sail amongst the seabird colonies, follow her on the Classic Boat Magazine blog.

Continuing north on his counter-clockwise circumnavigation, the Dutch skipper of ‘Snoopy’ writes:

Dear friends. After a dull motoring job from Scarborough to Blyth, I had a delightfull sail from Blyth to Peterhead (35 hrs, 150nm). Now awaiting the bad weather to pass. Tomorrow I’ll continue for the Caledonian Canal. Going around Cape Wrath is no option seeing the weather forecast. 
It remains fascinating to have dolphins play around your boat.

We hear from the skipper of ‘Annabel J’ that she’s also still sailing north and preparing to depart Stronmess for Shetland this weekend.

‘Bonita’ sails from Blyth to the River Tyne, under the spectacular Gateshead Bridge, and is first to arrive for the gathering of gaffers in Newcastle.

The latest news from ‘Toucando’ is not so good, her repair to the bow thruster has necessitated waiting for an essential ‘spare part’ to arrive from Essex. Read her blog for photos of the lift out, and a report on the hospitality in Eyemouth. We understand her skipper will join the party in Newcastle by train, if necessary . . .

Another vessel ‘drying out’ in Eyemouth, in order to complete essential repairs to the prop (damaged in an encounter with fishermen’s creels off Fraserburgh, reported elsewhere), was ‘Witch’. Her blog has photos of the ‘Contented Sole’ (excellent venue for evening’s entertainment), and the skipper knee-deep in water inspecting the propeller.

We hear the repairs are ‘good enough to get to Ipswich’ and skipper and crew on ‘Witch’ are now safely ashore in Newcastle ready for the weekend in company with ‘Bonify’, ‘Minstrel’, ‘Moon River’, ‘Cine Mara’ with more expected later . . .