SB ‘Growler’ hopes to launch, April 2020

We’ve been following the progress of young boatbuilder, Ash Faire-Ring, based in Norfolk, England as he restores the Thames barge, ‘Growler’ with the aim of transporting cargo under sail. The launch date is set for April 2020. Ash has sent an update for us to publish, having just got back from fitting a plank which took rather longer than expected! We’ve also included his video explaining the rebuild. 

‘Growler’ ready for restoration at Burnham Overy Staithe Photo: Ash Faire-Ring

‘Growler’ was built in 1922 by White & Co. at Conyer Creek on the River Swale. This yard was famed for building the fastest barge ever built, ‘Sara’. At 34′ long, ‘Growler’ is reputed to be a third-sized version of her. We think she has always been a yacht but are not sure, so would welcome any more information about her. She was moored at the Benfleet Yacht Club during the Second World War and then refitted as a Bermudan yawl.

She was converted to a standing gaff rig in 1967. We believe she last sailed in the early 1980s and has been stored in a barn since 1991. It’s going to be an amazing moment when she sails again in just a few months time!

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contributed by Ash Faire Ring, ‘Growler’ project