Lifeboat ‘Lucy Lavers’ returns to Dunkirk: 2015

Lucy Lavers at Rhyl Lifeboat Station

‘Lucy Lavers’ is a member of the ADLS and took part in the Anniversary Return to Dunkirk, 2015.

As a newly-commissioned Aldeburgh no. 2 lifeboat in May 1940, the first ‘shout’ for ‘Lucy Lavers’ was to help in the evacuation of British and Allied troops stranded on the beaches of Dunkirk, France. Having a draft of only 2′ made her particularly suited to the rescue.

75 years since ‘Operation Dynamo’, the charity ‘Rescue Wooden Boats’ restored the lifeboat to her former glory, complete with sails, an engine and beautiful mahogany canopy. This enabled her to join the Anniversary Return to Dunkirk in 2015.

Association for Dunkirk Little Ships
Rescue Wooden Boats

Watch the video made by ‘Rescue Wooden Boats’ showing ‘Lucy Lavers’ whilst in commission at Aldeburgh.