Memories: a poem by Robert E. Groves

In this short poem by Robert E. Groves, regular contributor to ‘Yachting Monthly, yachtsman and artist, we hear his reflections on cruising memories off the west coast of Scotland. His Albert Strange designed yawl, ‘Sheila’ was built for him in 1905, and may still be seen sailing from her home port on the east coast of England.

'Memories' by Robert E. Groves
‘Memories’ by Robert E. Groves

As by my fire I sit and dream
I sometimes fall a-musing
On joys and pleasures I have seen
In happy days of cruising.

Alas! how surely time doth slip
From clutches unavailing,
‘Tis years since last I saw my ship,
And with her went a-sailing’.

In waking dreams I still behold
The distant islands glooming,
And see them bathed in sunset gold,
Across the ocean looming.

Ah me! that such enchanted days
Astern are surely falling,
Yet Memory with the soul still plays,
And Hebrid Isles are calling.

Then why be sad, while Memory
Brings visions so entrancing;
Upon that wild Hebridean sea
I watch the sunbeams dancing?

Avaunt, dull care! thou spectre grim,
Away with idle musing;
lmagination’s sails we’ll trim
And go once more a-cruising’.

Published with permission: Yachting Monthly May 1933

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