OGA Heineken Rally, Holland: 1974

'Bonita' at the OGA Heineken Rally
‘Bonita’ at the OGA Heineken Rally, 1974

As the OGA fleet spent time in Amsterdam during the OGA Netherlands Cross Country Tour, August 2014, the skipper of ‘Bonita’ was reminded of an earlier visit to Holland in 1974.

Founding member of the OGA and East Coast Area Secretary at the time, Ian Hunter-Edmond, organised the first formal OGA event in Holland, sponsored by Heineken. ‘Bonita’ joined the fleet with ‘Dreva’ and Bristol pilot cutter ‘Marguerita T’.

The OGA fleet departed for Holland from the River Blackwater after the 1974 East Coast Race in a pleasant westerly F4, strengthening to F6-7 on the approach to Ijmuiden.

Watch Allan Beckett’s movie from 1974 of the North Sea crossing, filmed from ‘Bonita’, making landfall at Ijmuiden with a canal trip to Amsterdam. Original 8mm cine film by Allan Beckett.

For more about ‘Bonita’, her history and cruises, visit her blog.

Contributed by Mike Beckett, skipper of ‘Bonita’, East Coast OGA