Vieux gréements sont arrivés a l’Aber-Wrac’h: 9 July 2016

Queues on the autoroute delay 'Victoria' Photo: Sue Lewis
Queues on the autoroute delay ‘Victoria’ Photo: Sue Lewis

Still on passage from the UK are Barry and Trevor who have crossed from Guernsey to Lézardrieux in ‘Random’. ‘Harbinger’ and ‘Molly Oxford’ have also crossed the Channel and await new crew in Roscoff.

‘Victoria’, travelling on her truck by road from Calais, was making good progress until being held up in a long traffic jam caused by classic cars going to a rally in le Mans. Follow her journey here.

Others have braved the forecast storms and continued along the coast from Roscoff to meet with the French OGA at l’Aber’Wrac’h for the party weekend 9-10 July. From the Solent, there’s single-hander Barbara in ‘Moon River’, Ben and Piers in ‘Carlotta’, Tim and Liz in ‘High Barbaree’, Kevin with ‘Psyche’ and Mike in ‘Passager’. From the East Coast there’s Alistair and Paul in ‘Witch’ whose passage is reported on her blog. John has arrived in ‘Theta’ from the South West and East Coast member, Martin has joined the fleet in ‘Gwenili’ after attending the Falmouth Classics Regatta. Read Martin’s account of an earlier cross Channel adventure aboard the Bristol pilot cutter ‘Madcap’ in 1967.

OGA fleet gathers in Abers Photo: Ben Collins
OGA fleet gathers in Abers Photo: Ben Collins

The French gaffers include Jean Yvon with ‘Gwen Bleiz’ whose ‘les 50 ans’ report, in French, tells the story of his passage to the OGA Anniversary party in Cowes, 2013. Loïc has arrived with ‘Vagabond’, Jean-Pierre on ‘Stereden Vor’ and Jean Claude et Francette with ‘Mahy’.

After being spotted off Calais by Sue and Howard on the ferry with ‘Victoria’, we hear that Else, Edgar and the ship’s dog, Koosje have arrived from the Netherlands in ’Windbreker’ as well as Marc and Carola on ‘Eva Kristina’.

Ahead of the fleet is ‘East Breeze’, arriving in Camaret on 8 July and attracting some interest from the locals.  She now has a French shroud board to provide information:

'East Breeze' in Camaret Photo: Marion Shirley
‘East Breeze’ in Camaret Photo: Marion Shirley

‘East Breeze’ (Vent de l’Est) Tamarisk 22
Longer: 22 pieds, Tir d’eau: 2 pieds
Coque construit 1975 de GRP (plastique) la grille est de plomb.
Les oeuvre mortes sont de bois – beaucoup restaurées parce-qu’ils étaient beaucoup pour il a aussi un moteur nouveau parce-que j’avais peur des rochers de Bretagne!
‘East Breeze’ est arrive a Camaret de Southampton (Angleterre) 22 juin, Yarmouth (Angleterre) 23 juin, Alderney (Ils Normands) 24 juin, Guernsey (Ils Normands) 25 -26 juin, Terguier 26 juin minuit – 29 juin, Perros Guirec 30 juin – 3 juillet, Roscoff 4 juillet, l’Aberwrac’h 5-6 juillet, Ile Molène 7 juillet, Camaret 8 juillet.
On me demande souvent s’il soit un salle de bain en ce bateau. Il y en a deux. L’un est un seau . . .