Safe havens in the Dart and Tamar

‘Susan J’ enjoying the sail downwind, heading westward

The OGA Sou’ by Sou’West fleet are a little scattered as they make passage westwards today, 27 July, with challenging weather and forecasts of more gales to come. We bring reports from the fleet in the Rivers Dart and Tamar.

‘Susan J’ left Helford Passage at 0700, 27 July, heading towards Plymouth Sound. Skipper David reports the rain stopped, wind 2-3 SW so motor-sailing to charge phone and batteries. Foescast 4-6 so may make Fowey to await the rest of the fleet. At 1742 ‘Susan J’ reports she’s anchored off Cawsand, in the sunshine with several other (as yet unidentified) gaffers.

In search of a pub at Cargreen

At 0820, ‘Corncockle’ is heading for the Yealm, off Start Point, also motor-sailing in wind F4-5. At 1720, there’s a message from ‘East Breeze’, already in the River Tamar, that she can see ‘Corncockle’ who we hear has abandoned the Yealm, with SW winds F5/6 and entrance exposed. ‘Corncockle’ joins ‘East Breeze’ at Cargreen on the Tamar. They go in a fruitless search for a pub!

‘Minx’ arrives into Dartmouth early afternoon.

Meanwhile, the main fleet having arrived into Dartmouth yesterday, decide that the weather is not fit to continue westwards as Ben reports:

OGA cruise fleet waking up to a strong SW forecast this afternoon, not helpful for getting around Start Point. Most seem to think a stay in the River Dart at Dittisham may be best. Very good spirit all round with plenty of mini-adventures to recount. Friday looks challenging as front moves through.

‘Ivy Green’ from ‘Hester

The Gaffers at Dittisham are invited to party on ‘Hester’ and Ed takes a photo of ‘Ivy Green’, sitting pretty on her mooring.

All the gaffers gathered in the River Dart enjoy a fine evening aboard ‘Hester’. How many can arrive in a fleet of rubber flubbers?

Drinks on ‘Hester’ at Dittisham