Sailing, sailing: racing in the North Sea, 1932

Watch British Pathé newsreel, shot in a stormy North Sea off Heligoland, showing large yachts racing in 1932.

SAILING – SAILING! Come with the Pathetone now to the North Sea where the white wings skim around Heligoland. Just the kind of picture to make us long for the open sea.

View archive footage of big yacht racing in a stormy North Sea. We see close-ups of the crew as they manage sails in heavy seas.

Created at the beginning of the 20th Century by the Pathé brothers, the newsreel was the world’s first televised news platform. Pioneering the technology and methods of cinema, British Pathé stayed at the forefront of filmed news for decades. Releasing three newsreels a week during that period, British Pathé was the way the people of Britain experienced world events until the advent of television.