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The idea behind ‘Sailing by’ was conceived in 2012 by two members of the Old Gaffers Association (OGA), Beverley and Frank. They were interested to explore and share some of the historical ‘snippets’ and ‘tales of sail’ connected with places people sail to today. In 2013, the OGA celebrated its 50th anniversary and the blog was launched in March 2013 to coincide with the OGA50 Round Britain Challenge undertaken by some OGA members.

The blog has been relaunched in April 2023, ten years later, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the OGA when another OGA60 Round Britain Cruise fleet departed Ramsgate, Kent on 1 May, 2023. Many of the stories collected over the intervening years have been revised and updated for inclusion in the completely re-designed and upgraded site. We have added new ‘tales of sail’ and intend to continue updating the blog, following the passages of the OGA60 participants in the Round Britain Cruise and sharing other ‘snippets’ which may be of interest to fellow sailors.

We’re particularly interested in finding 21st century ‘tales of sail’, from younger people who enjoy leisure cruising, boatbuilding and racing to complement the existing collection.

‘Cachalot’ and ‘Kestrel’ on the River Deben, 2019

Copyright and licences
Beverley and Steve Yates assert their moral right to be identified as creator of all posts, including photographs and video (unless otherwise stated). We are most grateful to friends, publishers, organisations and others who have kindly given us permission to share stories, photos, illustrations and video footage. These individuals and organisations are credited accordingly. 
This website content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Our thanks go to the following people and organisations who have provided support, encouragement, feedback and contributions to help keep the blog lively and visually stimulating over the years. Sincere apologies for any omissions from this list which is in alphabetical order.
Alasdair Simpson, Alison & Julian Cable, ADLS, Ben Collins, Classic Boat Magazine, Claudia Myatt Illustration, Colin Stroud, David Grainger, Dee Holladay, Dick Wynne, Elly Rule, Frank Sutcliffe Collection, Frank Zomerdijk, Fritz van der Mark, Kees Koomen, Kees Brooshooft, James Palmer, Jayne Tracey, Jo & Paul Masters, Lodestar Books, Marion Shirley, Mark Turner, Martin & Luke Goodrich, Mike Beckett, Mike Shaw, Nick Phillips, Pathe News Archive, Rik Graham, Sandy Miller Photography, RCC Archive, Sarah Adie, Scarborough MHC, Sharon Lee, Simon Harding, Sue Lewis, Tim Magennis, Tony Pickering Photography, WM Nixon, Yachting Monthly Magazine.