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Douarnenez Festival, July 2016

Ben Collins, our roving reporter with the fleet, reports that twelve OGA boats left Brest on Tuesday, 19 July, 2016 to take part in the spectacular Grande Parade de Voile. After almost a week of the huge international maritime festival, a thousand or so boats sail from Brest to Douarnenez, making their way through the famous ‘Tas de Pois’ (Pile of Peas) after passing Pointe de Penhir at Camaret-sur-Mer. After our bustling and busy week of events in Brest we were glad to be moving on to the more tranquil and intimate Douarnenez Festival. On arrival, we were well received by the local committee who wined and dined us on bread, cheese, pate and wine. There was a great turnout of OGA boats from England, Wales and Scotland who joined the Festival at Brest: ‘Carlotta’, ‘Moon River’, ‘Victoria’, ‘Random’, ‘Passager’, ‘East Breeze’, ‘High Barbaree’, ‘Gwenili’, ‘Witch’, ‘Working Yacht I’, ‘Harbinger’, ‘Psyche’, ‘Hardy’, ‘Witch Hazel’, ‘Molly Oxford’, ‘Naiad’, ‘Theta’ and ‘Thalia’. The Dutch OGA were represented by ‘Windbreker’ and ‘Eva Kristiana’ joining French OGA boats ‘Mahy’, ‘Gwen Bleiz’, ‘Stereden Vor’, ‘Vagabond’ and ‘Astrolab’. A group of the OGA boats moved on to Douarnenez.