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Thames barge ‘Growler’, March 2019

We’ve been following the progress of young boatbuilder, Ash Faire-Ring, based in Norfolk, England as he restores the Thames barge, ‘Growler’ with the aim of transporting cargo under sail.

‘Growler’ was built in 1922 by White & Co. at Conyer Creek on the River Swale. This yard was famed for building the fastest barge ever built, ‘Sara’. At 34′ long, ‘Growler’ is reputed to be a third-sized version of her. We think she has always been a yacht but are not sure, so would welcome any more information about her. She was moored at the Benfleet Yacht Club during the Second World War and then refitted as a Bermudan yawl. She was converted to a standing gaff rig in 1967. We believe she last sailed in the early 1980s and has been stored in a barn since 1991. It’s going to be an amazing moment when she sails again!