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The OGA60 Round Britain Cruisers are arriving in Cowes on Thursday 4/Friday 5 May, 2023 to join ‘Bonita’, who sailed overnight from Ramsgate on Tuesday. Just before leaving Shoreham, three cygnets, born only a couple of days ago, were spotted in the Marina at Shoreham by ‘Cygnet of London’! By Thursday evening several members of the fleet enjoyed an evening together at The Duke of York in Cowes for supper.

John Green of Cowes, local photographer, caught local boat ‘Vivid’ and ‘Mutual Friend’ on camera. Built 1983 by Tyrell and Young for John Tyrell himself, ‘Mutual Friend’ is designed on the lines of a traditional East Coast smack in GRP. She’s missing out on the party in Cowes and has sailed on westward to Poole. Meanwhile, ‘out west’ already, ‘Peggy’ has set sail from Portland and is on passage across Lyme Bay and single hander Barbara has left ‘Moon River’ in Dartmouth, planning to sail to Plymouth at the weekend.

An historic tale from ‘Lahloo’
Today the OGA Round Britain fleet is ‘up Solent’ and Richard, skipper of ‘Lahloo’, reports: “A fine flotilla of RBCers have just come through the Looe in company and is headed towards Cowes. ‘Hilda’ went offshore round the Owers and has just joined ‘Recipe’, ‘Agapanthus’ and ‘Lahloo’ up Solent, hoping to reach the Medina around 1800.”

Clipper Ship ‘Lahloo’, 799 Tons
 ‘Preparing to land Pilot off the Owers 19th September 1867’ RMG Collections

When writing about ‘Lahloo’ before departing for the RBC, Richard noted: “Just in case anyone wonders where the name came from, ‘Lahloo’ was a British Tea Clipper built in 1867, Tea Race winner in 1870, and wrecked on Sandalwood Island in 1872.” This rather fine hand coloured print of ‘Lahloo’ is held in the Royal Museums, Greenwich Collection, entitled ‘Preparing to land Pilot off the Owers, 19th September 1867’.”