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Sailing on the Broads, 1933

This Pathé Archive brings us a glimpse back to 1933 with footage of three young women sailing on the Norfolk Broads. The full title reads “Three girls in a boat – And on the Norfolk Broads, too, that Mecca of the Water-loving sportswomen.”

The young women are shown washing themselves on the top of a yacht, washing the boat and splashing each other with mops with the first intertitle “Anything that sounds like ‘Sale’ always gets the girls together.” The girls appear to be having a very good time as they hoist the sails and climb the mast. Another intertitle reads: “And when the wind gets fresher – just adjoin to the wider Wroxham Broads.” There follow some excellent shots of yachts cutting through the water at speed, lunch on board and a gentle sail back.

Created at the beginning of the 20th Century by the Pathé brothers, the newsreel was the world’s first televised news platform. Pioneering the technology and methods of cinema, British Pathé stayed at the forefront of filmed news for decades. Releasing three newsreels a week during that period, British Pathé was the way the people of Britain experienced world events until the advent of television.