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OGA60 fleet continues westward

In this post we hear from ‘Louisa May’, towed in by the RNLI earlier in the week and OGA60 Round Britaiin skippers take advantage of the ‘weather window’ to continue making good progress west. ‘Onward of Ito’ has new crew and departed Gosport early on Saturday, hoping to reach Plymouth or beyond by sailing through the night. ‘Cygnet of London’ left Dartmouth and enjoyed the sail to Plymouth where Sharon has to take her leave and return to work. Young Gaffer, Will Thomas, takes her place as crew. ‘Charlotte Elizabeth’ has stayed in Falmouth with ‘Swift II’, ‘Indian Runner’ and ‘Lahloo’, planning to head off westwards in the morning. ’Moon River’ has sailed from Plymouth to join them.

‘Step Back in Time’, a Golant Gaffer, has taken the opportunity to visit Golant on the River Fowey. Roger Dongray designed the Golant Gaffer as an easy to handle, capable small gaffer to be built professionally or taken on as a project by a keen amateur. At 19′ these little gaffers are excellent coastal cruisers as Tony and Sally have proved with their extensive collection of sailing adventures. ’Susan J’ has sailed back to her home port on the Helford River and we hear from ‘Letty’ that she’s in Fowey. ‘Bonita’ and ‘Recipe’ report they’ve now reached Newlyn.

Last Wednesday, ‘Louisa May’ had to be towed into Dartmouth by the RNLI and we bring the story from her skipper, who hopes to be able to rejoin the fleet. There’s another post, published today, with archive film from the RNLI.

‘Louisa May’ is a Nigel Irens Roxanne class fat headed gunter rig yacht, hull construction GRP. Built in 2017 her design is based on a Shetland fishing boat. Setting out from Cowes single-handed, to sail west with the OGA60 Round Britain fleet, we suffered engine failure whilst crossing Lyme Bay, so sailed on overnight intending to take refuge in Dartmouth. Without an engine and failing to get the mainsail down, we sent a PANPAN. Torbay RNLI All-weather Lifeboat (ALB) responded at 11:18am Wednesday 10 May, 2023. The ALB co-ordinated with Falmouth Coastguard to tow ‘Louisa May’ into Dartmouth and safely onto the town quay. Now en route to Plymouth by car to seek out options for an outboard and bracket for the counterstern in order to continue with the Round Britain Cruise. Just got to do some sea trials now . . . 

Torbay RNLI lifeboat

Jim Lawrence, skipper ‘Louisa May’