Tales from our coasts and inland waterways


As we think about Spring and Summer sailing, why not find historic tales to share and send them to the Editor!

Our tales of sail are organised in seven areas and four themes: Working sail, Sailing for pleasure, Historic events or Hazards and challenges.

Image: Dordrecht, by Aelbert Cuyp
Wikimedia Commons


Sailing for pleasure

We have tales of gentlemen (and even kings) taking pleasure in racing and cruising from the Baltic to the English Channel, from the Scottish Isles to the Irish Sea.

Working sail

From fishermen in their trawlers and oystermen in their smacks to the herring girls following the fleet, we trace some of the tales of our historic seafaring workforce.

Historic events

From Saxon settlers arriving on our shores to brave sea captains keeping invaders at bay, there's plenty of maritime history to tell.

Hazards and challenges

We have tales of storms and hurricanes lashing the shores alongside heroic rescues by lifeboatmen and other perils of a life at sea.